Uganda’s white-water rafting industry on the Nile has been developed into a world-class rafting destination possessing some of the most prevailing and constant rapids on earth. The powerful volume of water creates horrible rapids that provide an unforgettable rafting experience equivalent to that of the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe.

  Home of the white-water rafting industry is the city of Jinja, located at the source of the River Nile, the longest river in the world. Bujagali Falls downstream of the Nile’s basis, and close to Jinja, has been vaunted the ‘adrenaline capital’ of Uganda, offering not only white water rafting, but also bungee jumping, kayaking, mountain biking and river boarding.

  One day rafting trips
The one day trip starts a short way outside of Jinja at the Bujagali Falls, your first grade 5, and finishes 18kms later at your last grade 5 Itanda Falls, also known as ‘The Bad Place’. Memories of the legendary rapids ‘Total Gunga’, ‘Overtime’ and ‘Silverback‘ will live long in the memory.

  These stick to the same format as the one day trips and then follow on the next with 4 large rapids in the morning, including ‘Nile Special’ and the afternoon is more relaxed.

  When to go
The ideal time to go rafting is in January and February or June through September, Uganda’s dry season, when the sun is strong and the skies are clear. But since Jinja is essentially right on the equator, it’s balmy year round, typically 80s during the day, 70s at night. Rafting is on throughout the year, with May.

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