Tourist Activities in Uganda


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  Most interesting attractions in Uganda
Gorilla tracking.(Bwindi impenetrable national park Uganda has almost a half of the population of the world’s remaining Gorillas. We do organize gorilla safari to both Uganda and Rwanda even to Dr. Congo at a considerable cost. With us gorilla tracking is less regrettable and is sandwiched by community visits around the gorilla groups tracked. You can do it twice or even thrice that is at least once in every country al it will depend on your pocket

Chimpanzee tracking(Kibale national park) Uganda has over 5000 chimpanzees. Chimpanzee tracking can be done in Kibale N.P, Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth N.P, kaniyo pabidi in Budongo forest plus other places. Its Excellency is that most of the tourists recommend that it’s cost effective. Other places may be Ngamba chimpanzee sanctuary, the Entebbe wildlife education center among others.

Bird Watching
Uganda is one of the world known birding areas. It shares a list of the endangered red bird species like the shoebill stock, to more common bird species you may come across. With over 1000 bird species, the country also provides a good habitat for many rare birds’ species like the Tit Hylia. Still, the country is known as a breeding ground for most of the migratory birds from all over Europe and other parts of the world. Hence a memorable birding trip.

Primate Walks
This offers a chance to come across numerous primate species even including great apes. Primate like colobus monkeys, Red tailed monkey etc are widely seen. And also it offers you a great chance to explore the natural forests and come across many birds and butter flies of Uganda.

Game Viewing
A lot of game is available for this activity, from big cats like Lions, leopards, to great Mammals, like Elephants, Antelopes, Monkeys, Giraffes so on. It’s just upon you to win the game by seeing more wild life than expected.

Nature Guided Walks
These are done under the control of our experienced guides and give you chances to come across various wildlife from plant, insects to big animals. Once done at night, you will have chance to meet the nocturnes like bush babies.

Scenery Viewing
From the north to south and from west to east, Uganda offers an excellent natural view of its scenery from flat to mountainous scenery and from semi arid to dense forests. Once in Uganda, this is a must see either en route or while on drives. ;

Community Walks (Village trips)
This involves visiting communities around national parks and those at a far distance but with excellent results, including visiting farms, homesteads, local markets, so forth. It also calls for your participation in some of the community based activities like cooking, digging, harvesting, local brewing plus many more. Community Walks (Village trips)

These are designed to suit the interests of a certain group. In simple terms they are tailor made and can range from students trip to teachers/lectures. This is done to promote domestic tourism with in East Africa

Cultural Tourism
Uganda has long been a cultural meeting point as evidenced by over 30 different indigenous ethnic groups like the Baganda culture, Imbalu of Gisu , dances, architectures, beliefs, hot springs like Sempaya in Semiliki with cultural importance, Art etc. Almost every ethnic tribe in Uganda has its own culture hence ready to offer you a new experience.
Monument Tourism
Uganda is the 19th monument destination in the world with old building all over. The well stocked Uganda museum plus a number of historical sites portraying excellent ancient architecture, makes this strip a wonderful one sandwiched with a good number of monuments like Chogm monument, independence monument. The kasubi tombs, old churches and mosques, old buildings among others.
Other Water Activities
Rafting, Kayaking on the Nile, canoeing, sailing, river surfing can be done almost in all national parks and rivers plus minor streams you just mention it and we package it for you. This is excellent for adventurous tourists.
Urban Trips
We organize urban trip around Kampala, Jinja and Entebbe. It’s good for historical sites and buildings like the Bahai temple, Kasubi tombs, churches etc were you interact with a live hospitality host community both day and night.
Viewing Water Falls
The list of Uganda’s spectacular waterfalls is endless like the Karangala(lake victoria) Bujjagali, Tanda, etc on the Nile. The famous Sippi falls on Mt. Elgon welcomes you as you further penetrate this region of the Gisu culture. All these offer a conducive water experience.
Either on Mt. Rwenzori for over 9 days or on Mt. Elgon for 4-6 days. All these offer a challenging but an enjoyable experience, they are even excellent for beginners. Once it’s done, expect to be 5053ft (Mt. Rwenzori) or 4231ft (Mt. Elgon) above sea Level. The list of mountains available for hiking is endless. Sport Fishing
The famous places for this activity are at the Murchison falls. In Murchison falls National Park and on Lake Victoria and the major catch is a Nile Perch. Uganda’s sport fishing is rewarding and known world over. Come with your equipment or be ready to hire and have a memorable experience.
Camping Safaris (The true taste of Jungle)
Would you like to have a true test of the jungle! Then why no with us? We organize camping safaris from 3 days to a considerable number of days. Our camping safari solves all your doubts in the wild. It’s mostly in Uganda’s rich national parks. Like Queen Elizabeth N.P. Murchison falls N.P, L. Mburo N.P, Kibale National park and around urban center like Jinja. What is included???? Meals (traditional and continental), Transport, Camping tents, Community visits plus a lot of interaction, any requested activity. Caving
This is well represented by different historical sites around the country like the Amabeere caves in fort Portal, Biggo byamugenyi in Rakai, the Acholi rock parts so on, which will give you a memorable experience.

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